DELUXAQUA is a team of expert female model-athletes, each with an extensive background in artistic swimming and aquatic sport. After spending most of their life in the water, our amazing models are clear masters of their craft, understanding exactly how their graceful bodies look and move underwater. DELUXAQUA is the perfect choice for any underwater production. Our artists can stay underwater far longer than any conventional model, enabling them to get more shots at once. This saves time and money and offers the possibility of the valuable “long take.” DELUXAQUA will ensure your shoot runs efficiently, whether for film, television, music videos, commercials, advertising campaigns, body double work, or photo shoots. We bring confidence and certainty, eliminating the unknown. Models with experience and the ability to remain calm underwater are vital to a successful shoot. Our models are easily directed while underwater. They are able to anticipate their next move, enabling your director to concentrate on getting the best possible shots. DELUXAQUA offers the very best underwater professionals available anywhere in the world. Our artists are not only skilled and stunning models, but trained athletes with an incredible work ethic who always achieve their goalsContact us today to ensure the success of your digital project. DELUXAQUA is a choice you won’t  regret.

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