Create a breathtakingly serene atmosphere for your event. The top world class artistic swimming athletes of DELUXAQUA will transport your guests to a magical underwater world. 

As prize-winners of competitions from regional to world level in artistic swimming, our experienced beauties know exactly what it means to show their artistry 100%.  Skilled «athlete-actress» have lifetimes of experience. Fashion, creativity, professionalism, and grace are natural in every performance. 

From posing on the water, on the pool side or on specially installed scenery to the embodiment of an intricate and beautiful underwater choreography in the tail of a mermaid; we guarantee a performance to suit your event or project.

Our mystical beauties of the sea will mesmerize your audience from a swimming pool, aquarium, or water tank. 

Anywhere in the world, all you need is water! Contact us today!

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