About US

We are creativity. We are quality. We are the embodiment of the most stylish and spectacular ideas in artistic swimming. 


Your event will rise to an entirely new level when our captivating athletes appear on the aquatic scene.

We are sought-after artistic swimming professionals of the highest world stage. 

We never fail to impress with our skills and ability to embody any form, creating an unexpected and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Our uniquely enchanting aqua fashion performances are perfect for pools of any shape or size, deep or shallow, indoors or outdoors, worldwide.

We possess the ability to create fascinating, first-class water-ballet spectacles in your hotel, residence, shopping centers, or any platform with a pool of water. Your event will leave a mark for the years to come.

Our highly qualified and enthusiastic team is united by our love of water, our desire to meet new experiences and creative challenges, as well as our desire to participate in innovative concepts. Allow us to share our talent and love of art with you and your guests. 

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